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Erratum to: Umbilicus in History and Its Religious Background

  • Mohamed Fahmy

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Reference [4] with the following citation in page 29: Jason H. Collins, Silent Risk Issues about the human umbilical cord, 2nd Edition, 2014.

9.2 Umbilicus and Umbilical Cord in Different Cultures

The umbilical cord considered as ‘the thread of life’ and the placenta are magical doubles of the child and they symbolize the dual union of infant and mother, the tie that unites mother and child.

Umbilical cord in history: One has to wonder what thoughts prehistoric humans had when confronted with the stillbirth of a baby entangled in its umbilical cord. Some insights from more recent times suggest the umbilical cord represented an omen, a sacred talisman, predictor of future fertility. In some popular classes in Europe, Australia, Africa and Hawaii, the umbilical cord was dried and soaked in water for consumption to ensure future fertility. It was eaten, hung from tree branches and stuffed in volcanic rock crevices at sites such as the Birthing Stones in Kukahiioko, Oahu [4]. Chinese literature suggests the cord had many medicinal properties.

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