Guantánamo in the Eye of the Hurricane

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Spanning a period that begins in the eighteenth century and extends to the present, this chapter offers a chronology of events related to the U.S. military’s presence in Guantánamo Bay as well as shifts in Cuban attitudes toward the base there. It integrates information from key documents seldom discussed in recent literature on Guantánamo (Spanish-language primary source archives and scholarship published in Cuba). The author shows that the installation has differentially impacted the inhabitants of Caimanera (the town bordering the base), Guantánamo City, and Guantánamo Province. Sharing reflections drawn from his long career as the state historian of Guantánamo City, his discussion relates anti-imperialism and other concerns shaping the Cuban state’s party line to ideas about justice and freedom fundamental to scholarly inquiry in the humanities. While the chapter was translated from Spanish, it is interspersed with Spanish-languages passages from a 2015 interview that the volume’s editors conducted with the author. These excerpts, which include comments on the chapter and the author’s life and professional inspiration, imbue the work with a dual vocality that derives meaning from the linguistic, cultural, and ideological differences that separate Cuba and the U.S.


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