Continuous Representations of the New Quantum Laws

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This chapter contains continuous representations of the new quantum laws. Kornel Lanczos pointed out this possibility, used by Max Born and Norbert Wiener to represent “time” by a continuous variable again. Schrödinger’s wave mechanics—representing position as continuous variable—provided a mathematic method more familiar than the unusual algebra. Schrödinger conceived it as rejection of the radically new concepts; he refused to give up the space-time continuum : “Das räumlich-zeitliche Denken” (i.e. the mode of thought relying on continuity in space and time) should remain the only acceptable way to conceive of processes in nature and remain to be the basis for the understanding of the laws of nature.


Field theoretical representations “Time representation” Hermitian operators Hamilton Jacobi formalism Commutation relation for time and energy Phase waves “Position representation” Wave functions Fermi’s golden rule Probabilistic significance of wave functions Canonical transformations Scattering process 

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