Aquifer Distribution and Flow Patterns of Land Jatinangor Educational Area, Sumedang Regency, West Java Province

  • Andreas Franzona PangaribuanEmail author
  • Febriwan Mohammad
  • Deden Zaenuddin Muttaqin
Conference paper
Part of the Sustainable Civil Infrastructures book series (SUCI)


Continuous development in the area of Jatinangor campus is becoming one of the problems threatening the groundwater supply. In order to support the availability of groundwater in the area of Jatinangor campus, geophysical investigation with geo-electric method is conducted to determine the condition of subsurface based on the value of resistivity of rock. This research is aimed to determine potential groundwater zone region to support the availability of groundwater for Jatinangor education region. Based on Bandung’s regional geological map, rocks in the Jatinangor area consist of volcanic rock breccia, tuffs and lapilli that makes it possible to contain the groundwater. 32 stations of 1-Dimensional (DC sounding) geo-electric measurement using Schlumberger configuration are performed in Jatinangor area. The results of data processing geo-electric are integrated with geological and hydrogeological observation information with the aim of producing images of subsurface rocks and distribution models. Based on the model, the type of aquifer contained in the study area as well as its potential reserve can be determined. Furthermore, the results of this research are expected to provide insights in implementing conservation strategies for Jatinangor educational area, Sumedang regency.



The Authors thank to previous researchers and families who gave us support to finish this paper. Also we thank Febriwan Mohamad, S.Si., M.Si and Ir. Undang Mardiana, M.Si as our advisor for suggestions concerning and guiding to finish this paper.


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  • Andreas Franzona Pangaribuan
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    Email author
  • Febriwan Mohammad
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  • Deden Zaenuddin Muttaqin
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  1. 1.Department of Geology Engineering, Faculty of GeologyPadjadjaran UniversityBandungIndonesia

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