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In 1990, very little epidemiological data was available to determine the prevalence, much less the incidence of Interstitial Cystitis. The only population based study was from the original author of this chapter, K. J. Oravisto, published in 1975 [1]. In his chapter, Oravisto summarizes some older publications which described small uncontrolled studies including patients with variable and sometimes suspect diagnoses. His landmark 1975 study was not only the first study of its kind but also the only study available to Oravisto at the time he was writing his 1990 chapter. His definition of IC included patients with frequency and pain or discomfort, abnormal biopsy and temporary relief with overdistension of the bladder. In the province of Uusimaa in southern Finland (included city of Helsinki), there were a total of 103 IC patients, 95 women and eight men. The overall prevalence in women (too few men to accurately analyze) over 20 years was 18.6 per 100,000. Over a 10 year period, 64 (61 female) patients were diagnosed with IC; an incidence rate of 1.3 per 100,000 for women over 20 years. He noted that 8% of IC patients in his series were male and when he combined all the series in the literature from 1939 to 1978, the ratio of men to women was noted to be 9.1:1. So how do these figures compare to our contemporary epidemiological studies for this enigmatic condition?


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