Treatment of Interstitial Cystitis with the Neodymium YAG Laser: The Russian View

  • Andrew ZaitcevEmail author


Fulguration of Hunner lesions is specifically recommended for Hunner type IC with evidence level 3 or recommendation Grade B-C in clinical guidelines [1–4]. The introduction of the neodymium: yttrium aluminum-garnet laser (Nd:YAG) in 1985 by Shanberg and Malloy [5] offered the theoretical possibility of primary Hunner type IC or recurrent ulcer treatment. Authors have found it necessary to lower the wattage of energy used to prevent damage to structures adjacent to the bladder. Most patients (17 of 19) with Hunner lesion showed good results, but 12 reported recurrence of symptoms between 6 and 8 months’ post-treatment. The outcome was worse in non-Hunner type of disease and did not exceed 65%. In two patients, small—bowel perforations occurred.


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