The Sales Process

  • Stefan Hase
  • Corinna Busch
Part of the Quintessence Series book series (QUINT)


Selling is NOT just “nice blah blah” as many people might think. Sales managers and sales reps MUST have the right attitude and skills related to each sales stage in order to close more deals, and increase revenue. Random acts will only produce random and uncertain results. Only a systematic and well-defined personal selling approach can assure predictable results. Having read this very pragmatic chapter, you should have a good understanding of the seven steps of the sales process. The main steps are (1) prospecting and acquiring new customers through cold calling, (2) building trust in the initial meeting, (3) identifying needs and problems, (4) presenting the product’s values and benefits, (5) conducting a price talk, (6) closing the deal, and (7) doing after sales. At each stage of the sales process, you will be provided with a precise structure (e.g. for making cold calls), important things to know, specific selling techniques, and performance tips to become (even) more successfully in selling your products and services to prospects and customers.


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