Conclusions for the Agile Procurement Processes



The last chapter of this volume draws some conclusions about possible initiatives for improving the agility of procurement processes. It summarizes the conclusions of the first volume dedicated to procurement processes improvement. It introduces the themes of the second volume, which focuses on the digitization of procurement processes. These volumes stress how the two aspects should be approached together with a lean and digitize objective.

This volume includes a very large and detailed glossary that provides short descriptions of not only the main subjects covered in the volume but also some of their interesting extensions.

This volume also includes an Index. It is structured in order to provide references in the volume to the main subjects connected with process improvements in pursuing agile procurement. The chapter includes a rich bibliography on process improvements for making organizations more agile. It includes the main works on the subject since 2000. The chapter also provides references to some of the main websites that are useful for academicians and practitioners of agile procurement.


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