Customer Relationships and Agile Procurement



This chapter examines the relationships among procurement and other stakeholders.

The chapter underlines the importance of customer relationships and describes how some new solutions, such as big data analytics, can help organizations understand customers and their behavior better. Because the use of big data analytics is costly, the chapter describes how to evaluate the business case for using them and ways to improve it.

Thanks to the digitization of many activities and to the Internet, data are more and more accessible. Open data refers to data available free of charge through the Internet. The chapter illustrates the characteristics of open data and their use in procurement. The last part of this chapter is dedicated to the collaboration of procurement with both customers and vendors. This is a powerful way to increase value for customers, especially once supported by new advanced solutions. In this case, it is called e-collaboration. The chapter describes how e-collaboration can increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and economics of the collaboration of procurement with all its stakeholders.


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