Agile Procurement



Agility aims to increase the flexibility of organizations in a variable and evolving environment. This chapter analyzes these changes and the challenges they pose to procurement organizations. It presents an innovative classification based on changes in the customers, the competition, the compliance, and the cost dynamics. It shows how to respond to these challenges by approaching procurement as a business, and describes the components of the business models that procurement should adopt and how they should change to make procurement more agile. The business model considered in this volume for this approach is the so-called business model canvas (BMC), introduced by Ostwalder and Pigneur. The chapter describes how it is possible to apply BMC to procurement. The remaining part of this two-volume book concentrates on how to act on the BMC components to improve processes in the direction of the agility.


Agile Procurement Business Model Canvas (BMC) Pigneur Value Network Lean Thinking 
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