Vinh Giang Fisheries Association, Vietnam

  • Hoang Viet Thang


This chapter focuses on answering a big question about meta-governance: whether a weak capacity state can still practise its meta-governance role. In this case, the state is challenged by shortages of resources, particularly expertise and scientific knowledge about the aquatic system of the lagoon waters. Accordingly, the state has involved the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations via the Integrated Management of Lagoons Project. This chapter’s central argument is that in fisheries co-management arrangements the state, even with weak capacities in terms of resources, can still play a central role in governance processes. This is supported by investigating to what extent local governments have successfully implemented their policy on reducing and rearranging fishing gear in Tam Giang Lagoon, Vietnam, particularly at Vinh Xuan Commune, by working with Vinh Giang Fisheries Association since early 2000s.


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