Native Valves

  • Annette Vegas


  • The aortic valve (AV) is part of the aortic root complex which connects the LV and aorta. The cylindrical-shaped aortic root is the dilated proximal portion of the ascending aorta that extends proximally from the basal AV cusp attachments in the LV, to distally at the sino-tubular junction (STJ).

  • The centrally positioned aortic root has 3 major components the: (1) AV, (2) sinuses of valsalva, and (3) interleaflet triangles.

  • The LVOT comprised of the muscular IVS and fibrous anterior mitral valve leaflet (AMVL) forms the start of the aortic root. The bases of the interleaflet triangles and the AV cusps each share 50% of the base circumference of the LVOT.

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