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Quid Est?: Theologoumena Pantodapa and John Owen’s Trinitarian Prolegomena

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This chapter illustrates ways in which Owen’s prolegomena was both standard and distinctive in Reformed theology. This chapter provides what is likely the most substantial, if potentially controversial, contribution to historical research in this volume. It contends that, in contrast to the assumptions of most scholars, both past and present, Owen’s Theologoumena Pantodapa was a large-scale work of theological prolegomena rather than “a history of theology from Adam to Christ” or a large-scale covenant theology. In addition to seeking to determine the nature of this book, this essay argues that Owen’s primary contribution to Reformed prolegomena lay in his trinitarian conceptions of true theology and the knowledge of God. This means that Theologoumena Pantodapa is less subversive to Reformed thought than some authors have assumed and more valuable in its contributions than others have realized. Such conclusions help expand our understanding of the nature and development of Reformed prolegomena.

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