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John Owen on the Holy Spirit: In Relation to the Trinity, Christ’s Humanity, and Believers

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This chapter examines Owen’s teaching on the Holy Spirit in relation to the Trinity, to Christ, and to believers. The aim is to show how the Spirit’s ontological relationships with the Father and the Son determined the nature of his work in the incarnate Christ, which, in turn, served as a pattern for his work in believers. As the chapter demonstrates, while some authors have traced these themes in Owen, few have adequately examined how his work on the Spirit related to general trends in Medieval and Reformed theology. The result is that Owen often appears as an exceptional thinker who dropped out of the theological sky. This chapter illustrates how and why a Christological vision of God was integral to Reformed prolegomena and why the Spirit’s work was the link between these ideas. The essay closes with practical conclusions and applications, which incorporate systematic and practical theology into historical reflection.

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