Non-informetric Factors Influencing Indicator Development

  • Henk F. MoedEmail author
Part of the Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Scientific and Scholarly Communication book series (QQASSC)


This chapter illuminates non-informetric or extra-informetric factors that influence the development of indicators. It illustrates how under the surface of a technical-statistical debate about performance indicators a confrontation takes place between distinct views on what constitutes research performance. It also shows how the development of indicators fits into the wider socio-political context, even though in recent years this development is more and more influenced by internal dynamics.

Keywords Age normalization Benchmark set Business interests Clarivate analytics Context of discovery Context of justification Declining groups Elsevier Emerging groups Extra-informetric factors Facebook Field normalization Fractional scientific strength Google books Google+ Harvard level Holtzbrinck publishing group Incites Long term impact Plum analytics Research excellence Research front Research group RG score Saturation Scival Short term impact Size normalization Sleeping beauty Thomson reuters Top citation percentiles 

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