Research Assessment as an Evaluation Science

  • Henk F. MoedEmail author
Part of the Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Scientific and Scholarly Communication book series (QQASSC)


This chapter introduces evaluation science as a discipline, and explores its relationship with the field of quantitative research assessment. It presents an overview of major theoretical concepts and distinctions. The chapter continues with distinguishing four domains of intellectual activity in research assessment, namely the domains of policy, evaluation, analytics and data collection. It clarifies the relationships between these domains. Finally, it presents an overview of assessment models and strategies.


Analytical domain Assessment strategies Becker model Comprehensive theory of change Criterion-based reference framework Data collection Empowerment evaluation Evaluation science Evaluative domain Evaluative judgments Formative evaluation Management tools Normative reference framework Operationalization Performance monitoring Policy domain Quickies Research tools Summative evaluation 

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