From Francis Narin’s Science-Technology Linkages to Double Boom Cycles in Technology

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Part of the Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Scientific and Scholarly Communication book series (QQASSC)


This chapter presents a series of studies on the relationship between science and technology. It starts with showing the pioneering work by Francis Narin and co-workings on the citation analysis of the linkage between science and technology. Next, it presents several theoretical models of the relationship between science and technology. As an illustration of an analysis of the development of a technological field, it presents key findings from a study on industrial robots. The chapter ends with studies that illustrate the limitations of citation analysis of the scientific literature for the measurement of technological performance.


Customer satisfaction Disciplinary specialization Double-boom cycles European patent office Industrial robots Investment in R&D Knowledge production Market pull Mode 2 Patent-to-paper citations Patent-to-patent citations Science-technology linkages Technology push Triple helix overlay model US patent office 

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