From Eugene Garfield’s Citation Index to Scopus and Google Scholar

  • Henk F. MoedEmail author
Part of the Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Scientific and Scholarly Communication book series (QQASSC)


This presents a comparative analysis of three large, multi-disciplinary citation indexes. It starts with a presentation of the basic principles of the Science Citation Index (SCI, later Thomson Reuters’ Web of Science), a multi-disciplinary citation index created by Eugene Garfield in the early 1960s. Next, it presents a study conducted in 2009 comparing the Web of Science with Scopus, a comprehensive citation index launched by Elsevier in 2004, and a recent study comparing Scopus with an even more comprehensive citation index, Google Scholar, also launched in 2004.

Keywords Bradford’s Law Content advisory board Coverage analysis Garfield’s Law Indexing speed Literature retrieval Source coverage Ulrichsweb 

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