Analysis of the Household Economics of Rubber Farmers from UPP TCSDP in Koto Damai Village, Kampar Kiri Tengah District, Kampar Regency

  • Shorea KhaswarinaEmail author
Conference paper


This study aimed to analyze the allocations of working time, the contributions to income, and expenditure patterns of rubber farmer households from UPP TCSDP in the village of Koto Damai, Kampar Kiri Tengar District, Kampar Regency. Data were collected by a stratified random sampling technique. The respondents were 50 rubber farmer households from UPP TCSDP. The results indicated that the allocation of working time to rubber farming (55.19%) was greater than the allocation of time to other productive activities documented in this research (44.81%). However, the revenue contribution from rubber farming (40.60%) was smaller than that outside rubber farming (59.40%). The non-food household expenditure of rubber farmers (50.91%) was greater than their food expenditure (49.09%).


Allocation of working time Expenditure Household Income Rubber 


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  1. 1.Agribusiness Studies Program, Department of Agribusiness, Faculty of AgricultureUniversity of RiauPekanbaruIndonesia

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