The Santuario della Visitazione del Valinotto, Turin, Italy



This chapter reports the study case of Santuario della visitazione del Valinotto in Carignano, close to Turin. In contrast to the previously reported cases, in this building the research has been carried on alongside restoration works and part of the collected information has been used to tune the works on the church and the frescoes. Some results have been already published. The building is characterized by a vertical development of spaces, and the consequences of it, mainly on air stratification and of relative humidity, have been observed through the monitoring and the analysis of the resulting graphics of variables and cumulative curves.



The authors thank the Faccio-Fracchieri Foundation for the financial support to the monitoring and research in the Santuario del Valinotto in Carignano (TO) and the staff for the help during the installation of the system and during the first observations. A thanks to the architects Agostino Magnaghi, Antonio Mannina, and Andreina Milan for the operative support and the relevant information related to the historical past of the building and to its characteristics, and moreover for the details of the ongoing restoration project. Thanks to the HENESIS srl – CAMLIN GROUP and in particular Antea Franceschin and Christian Iasio, for the support, testing, and development of the monitoring system and remote control.


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