The Rise of Religious Extremism in the Middle East: A Triptych View?

  • Jamil AmmarEmail author
  • Songhua XuEmail author


This chapter explores why religious extremist is on the rise in the Middle East. It highlights how the Salafi’s textualization of faith has inadvertently enabled theocratic regimes to cement their dictatorships; creating a state of “religious cronyism”; before concluding that encouraging uncompromised adaptation of Sharia law cements the position of otherwise corrupted rulers. This chapter also discusses the interrelation between financing jihad and tax evasion. It finally explores how Salafi-Jihadist have succeeded in mischaracterizing criticism leveled against their violent means to achieve their political agenda as an attack on Islam per se; creating a form of “religious dilution.”


Sharia law Religious TV stations Political suppression Financing Jihad 

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