Shakespeare Shaping in Dogme95 Films, and Bakhtin’s Theory of Tragedy

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This chapter considers several Danish independent filmmakers who wish to avoid the perceived falsity of Hollywood. They self-consciously devote themselves to the rawness of the present, yet turn to dialogism with the past, specifically, Shakespearean tragedies. Although his lines are mostly left out, the first four founding directors of the Dogme95 initiative—Vinterberg, von Trier, Kragh-Jacobsen, and Levring—enter into a charged, polyglot relationship with Hamlet, King Lear, and Macbeth. These directors of The Celebration, The Idiots, Mifune, and The King is Alive co-author Shakespeare using contemporary chronotopes. Bakhtin’s writings on Shakespearean tragedy, recently translated into English, provide a fresh context.


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