Reconstruction of Innocence: The Embroidered Rose on My Scarf

  • Pelin Başcı


The television serial Embroidered Rose on My Scarf, which aired on the national station Kanal D (2004–2005), helped popularize the coup theme. Opening in the aftermath of the Maraş massacre (1978), the serial constructs a country in cultural, political, and economic turmoil. Reproducing well-known Greenpine recipes, it features the love affair of the wealthy daughter of an industrialist with the poor but upright son of a small business owner. The characters, who live as tenants in a dilapidated mansion owned by an Istanbul Greek, represent the country’s ability to keep the nation together. The serial compares and contrasts the pre-coup and post-coup cultural environments, while emphasizing the significance of telling, narrating, and building linkages.

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  1. 1.Department of World Languages and LiteraturesPortland State UniversityPortlandUSA

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