When Federalism Faces Secession: Presentation of a Theoretical-Practical Analysis of the Spanish Experience in the Light of Comparative Law

  • Alberto López-BasagurenEmail author
  • Leire Escajedo San-Epifanio


Claims for secession have posed an exceptional challenge to different ‘federal’ systems; in other words, to political systems that are articulated upon the basis of extensive autonomy of the territories in which these kinds of claims have taken shape. Recently there have been very significant claims of this nature. This is the case of Spain. Specially regarding the political crisis in Catalonia.

The aim of this volume is to analyse both the circumstances and characteristics of these claims within territories that enjoy a wide political autonomy as well as the way in which these federations have driven such claims. The final aim of this analysis is to try to clarify both the ‘reasons’ at the base of such claims and the ways in which federations can achieve success or failure facing such critical claims.

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  • Alberto López-Basaguren
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    Email author
  • Leire Escajedo San-Epifanio
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  1. 1.University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), Department of Constitutional Law and History of Political Thought and Political and Social MovementsBilbaoSpain

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