Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation: Medtronic CoreValve Evolut R

  • Sebastiano ImmèEmail author
  • Denise Todaro
  • Alessio La Manna


The Evolut® R valve (Medtronic, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA) represents the latest generation of Medtronic self-expanding aortic valve devices. It consists of a trileaflet valve made of porcine pericardial tissue and sutured in a supra-annular position on a compressible and self-expandable nitinol frame. The high radial force of the stent allows the self-expansion and the exclusion of native-calcified valve leaflets, which are pressed against the wall of the aortic root, while preventing the device from collapsing on itself.


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  • Alessio La Manna
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