Computed Tomography Imaging for Aortic Valve Disease

  • Mickaël Ohana
  • Anthony Shaw
  • Romi Grover
  • John Mooney
  • Jonathon Leipsic
  • Philipp Blanke


Contemporary with the rise of transcatheter aortic valve implantation procedures, computed tomography angiography (CTA) has demonstrated excellent diagnostic performances in the positive diagnosis and risk stratification of patient with aortic stenosis (AS). Provided that an up-to-date acquisition protocol and a comprehensive posttreatment are used, CTA can diagnose aortic stenosis (AS) (measurement of the geometrical valve area), stratify its severity (calcium scoring), and help plan the percutaneous procedure (annulus sizing, determination of adverse root features, arterial route accessibility). The role of CTA in other aortic valve diseases is less well established, though with increasing evidence of usefulness in bicuspid aortic valves and in infective endocarditis.

The goal of this chapter is, after a practical review of the technical aspects of aortic valve CTA, to describe the CT imaging characteristics of the principal aortic valve diseases, with emphasis on the key components of patient screening and procedural planning.


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