Transcatheter Repair of Mitral Regurgitation: Other Devices and Novel Concepts

  • Ted Feldman
  • Mayra Guerrero
  • Michael H. Salinger
  • Justin P. Levisay


Percutaneous mitral repair has been synonymous with the MitraClip device for the past several years, since no other repair therapies have been available. Over the past 2 years, three additional repair technologies have received EC approval. These four devices, MitraClip, Cardiac Dimensions Carillon, Valtech Cardioband, and Mitralign, are described in the preceding chapters. Numerous other repair devices and concepts have been described, including leaflet repair, annuloplasty, chamber remodeling, and chordal repair approaches. Some have a long history of development, while others have been described only at the concept phase and the spectrum of practical use spans from human experience, preclinical use, or only concept drawings. This review summarizes the novel mitral repair devices in these phases of early development.


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