Implementation of Climate Smart City Planning: Global Climate Smart City Platform Solution

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This chapter describes the implementation of climate smart cities through a global climate smart city platform solution. There are huge investment opportunities associated with new implementation of climate smart cities in four distinct areas: framework, partnership, financial plan, and implementation arrangements. A platform based on these four elements could provide guidance on how climate smart urban development and infrastructure projects can be integrated into smart city planning processes. It could be built in a way that unlocks the value added of a digitalized urban ecosystem that helps address sources of climate change, impacts, and solution. On the whole, the fusion of information and communication technologies and ubiquitous urban information seems to be key to enhancing the role and value of a platform to build climate smart cities. The platform suggests that cost-effective public–private partnership will be key to the development and promotion of responsible smarter investment models.


Platform Climate smart city planning control Planning framework Innovation tech Big data macro-platform Partnership platform Carbon financial plan Financial modeling Market opportunities Public–private partnership Budget preparation 


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