IFTT: Software Application Interfaces Regression Testing

  • Michał KowalczewskiEmail author
  • Michał Krawczyk
  • Elżbieta Lewańska
  • Witold Abramowicz
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As modern enterprises use a number of different information systems, the problem of integrating them becomes crucial. One of the most-used patterns for integration is through application interfaces. However, information systems change constantly in order to respond to the new informational needs of enterprises. The regression testing goal is to assure that systems work correctly after each introduced change. Because the regression testing process is both time and resource consuming, support tools are needed. Since the nature of the changes in a system might vary, the testing techniques and supporting tools must be specific to the system and testing scope. The paper describes the IFTT tool developed specifically for regression testing of software application interfaces.


Regression testing Integration testing Application interfaces 


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