Robotic Image Acquisition

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Protein crystallization is a complex phenomenon requiring thousands of experiments corresponding to different crystallization conditions for successful crystallization. In recent years, high-throughput robotic setups have been developed to automate the protein crystallization experiments, and imaging techniques are used to monitor the crystallization progress. Having an automated system to classify the images according to the crystallization phases can be very useful to crystallographers. This chapter describes the design and implementation of a stand-alone, low-cost, and real-time system for protein crystallization image acquisition and classification with a goal to assist crystallographers in scoring crystallization trials.



The majority of this chapter is Reprinted (adapted) with permission from Crystal Growth & Design 2013 13 (7), Madhav Sigdel, Marc L. Pusey, and Ramazan S. Aygun, 2728–2736. Copyright (2013) American Chemical Society. Some modifications have been made to fit into this book.


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