Drawing of Carlo Scarpa’s Villa Ottolenghi

  • Alfonso IppolitoEmail author
  • Cristiana Bartolomei
  • Carlo Bianchini
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There has always existed an inextricable interrelation between architecture and drawing. On the other hand it is obvious that architecture can manifest itself as an expressive literary form (studies of treatises, etc.) as a construction (i.e. as realized usable spaces, etc.) or precisely as drawing (i.e. as a thought-form expressed through signs). Starting from these points the research traces—through historical interpretation, critical analysis and the use of informatics utilizing virtualization as an element of representation—the development of the design idea and the construction of Carlo Scarpa’s Casa Ottolenghi.


Casa Ottolenghi 2D-3D models Carlo Scarpa 


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  • Cristiana Bartolomei
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  • Carlo Bianchini
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  2. 2.Alma Mater Studiorum Università di BolognaBolognaItaly

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