New Procedure for Teaching if the Manual Drawing in the First Year of the Degree in Studies of Architecture in the ETSAB

  • Joaquim Lloveras i MontserratEmail author
  • Judit Taberna Torres
Conference paper


We have been introducing during last years a new procedure using photography as a tool to improve the traditional teaching methods of manual design. We used it as a support for drawing the plans and as a background for the perspectives. Using two different focal lengths our students get two spaces; one introduces us into the space we really feel and the other represent the space we are able to remember. The student has to make a final presentation on a single support, which summarizes his work. It has to include his sketches and the photographic support used by him.


Drawing Photography Architecture 


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    Email author
  • Judit Taberna Torres
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  1. 1.Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona (ETSAB)Universidad Politécnica de CatalunyaCataloniaSpain

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