Puzzle Methodology in Architectural Graphic Expression. EGA 3 Examples

  • Taciana Laredo TorresEmail author
  • Ignacio Cabodevilla-Artieda
  • Ricardo Santonja Jiménez
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This paper focuses on the planning of teaching architectural drawing (and its supplementary software tools) in the EGA 3 course, (6ECTS, 2nd Term, 1st year, Degree in Studies in Architecture at the University of Zaragoza), using experiences of active-cooperative learning, using the Puzzle methodology as a tool to build the complete learning goals. This methodology lets the student learn supported by other students, building the puzzle together. Each member of the group has a key-frame of the knowledge, so that when the team puts them together, every member of the group gets the complete desired knowledge. This way, our role as teachers is changed into that of a catalyst.


Cooperative learning Puzzle method Architectural drawing 


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  • Taciana Laredo Torres
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    Email author
  • Ignacio Cabodevilla-Artieda
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  • Ricardo Santonja Jiménez
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  1. 1.School of Engineering and ArchitectureUniversity of ZaragozaZaragozaSpain

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