Experimentation with Colour in Architectural Spaces

  • Juan Serra LluchEmail author
  • Ana Torres Barchino
  • Irene de la Torre Fornés
  • Ángela García Codoñer
Conference paper


Even if the false myth of white in modernity is already over, we have a chromatic tradition to some extent broken and which needs to be rebuilt, or better re-experienced. In the Master’s subject “Color and Design of Spaces”, a teaching is developed seeking for a critical understanding of our visual culture and a creative experimentation with colour in architecture. We analyze in depth the strategic ability of colour to support a particular architectural intention together with its cultural and semantic connotations. Secondly, we experience the chromatic possibilities rendered by new building materials, lighting technologies and computer design software.


Colour Interior architecture Design 


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  • Juan Serra Lluch
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    Email author
  • Ana Torres Barchino
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  • Irene de la Torre Fornés
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  • Ángela García Codoñer
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  1. 1.Universitat Politécnica de ValènciaValenciaSpain

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