Advanced Nomenclature for Facet Interference

  • Edward Anderson
Part of the Fundamental Theories of Physics book series (FTPH, volume 190)


The Problem of Time was established by Isham and Kuchař to not only have many conceptually distinct facets but additionally to principally consist of interferences between these facets. This is in the manner of how passing through an enchanted castle’s second gate can leave one outside the first gate that one had passed through. Parts II and III have been written to address this crucial matter of facet interference, at the classical and quantum levels respectively. The current chapter prepares us for this by presenting the following.
  1. A)

    Classifications of Problem of Time strategies expanding on Isham and Kuchař’s own conceptual classification.

  2. B)

    Cubert: a shorthand for the order in which one is attempting to go through the gates, i.e. Problem of Time facets.


Cubert generalizes both A) and many other distinctions of formalism in theoretical physics; the nature of many approaches to Quantum Gravity is substantially clarified by figuring out what their Cubert labels are.


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