The Study of Factors Affecting Minimum Center Distance of Mobile Touch Screen

  • Hong JiEmail author
  • Jingqin HeEmail author
  • Hong SunEmail author
  • Jie YinEmail author
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The research takes the key center distance as the object and having a dynamic regulation through operation of performance result and get minimum center distance. Furthermore, the influence factors of the minimum center distance are explored based on the combination of the key speed and the subjective score. The results showed that: (1) the four assignments, discrete thumb, the thumb series, discrete index thumb and index series, have the minimum center distance that severally are: 4.17 mm, 6.30 mm, 3.38 mm and 5.40 mm. (2) The two factors of task type and operation finger have influence on minimum center distance. The results of this experiment can provide a scientific basis for the small key in touch screen and standardized design of the layout.


Touch screen Center distance 


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