State-of-the-Art Beach Geomorphology from the Tree of Science Platform

  • Omar CervantesEmail author
  • Camilo M. Botero
  • Charles W. Finkl
Part of the Coastal Research Library book series (COASTALRL, volume 24)


A State-of-the-Art of scientific literature related with Beach geomorphology is presented, from utilization of Tree of Science® tool - ToS. In a search done in November 2016, 73 papers were found in the Web of Science® with the combination of words ‘beach’ and ‘geomorphology. Papers were classified by ToS in roots (high input degree; n=5), trunks (high intermediation degree; n=10) and leaves (high output degree; n=58). Geomorphology was the most relevant journal, with 16 articles published (21.05%), which help to Elsevier to be the most relevant publisher in this topic (n=37; 48.7%). About authors, Helmut Brückner was the most relevant author, with a high number (3) of papers revised. Analysis of countries of authors’ affiliation shows a clear leading of United States (n = 80; 28%), followed by Germany (n = 31; 11%) and United Kingdom (n = 28; 10%). A general overview allows to identify a growing ToS in Beach geomorphology, with some very strong references in leaves, and several others references without less attention by scientific community belonging to this topic. Finally, a prospective analysis from branches suggest that scientific community is researching around four subtopics (sedimentation processes, coastal dune vegetation, remote sensors and coastline erosion), which could be in the near future a new ToS in the forest of beach geomorphology theme.


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