All-Terrain Tabu Search Approaches for Production Management Problems

  • Nicolas ZuffereyEmail author
  • Jean Respen
  • Simon Thevenin
Part of the Operations Research/Computer Science Interfaces Series book series (ORCS, volume 62)


A metaheuristic is a refined solution method able to find a satisfying solution to a difficult problem in a reasonable amount of time. A local search metaheuristic works on a single solution and tries to improve it iteratively. Tabu search is one of the most famous local search, where at each iteration, a neighbor solution is generated from the current solution by performing a specific modification (called a move) on the latter. The goal of this chapter is to present tabu search approaches with enhanced exploration and exploitation mechanisms. For this purpose, the following ingredients are discussed: different neighborhood structures (i.e., different types of moves), guided restarts based on a distance function, and deconstruction/reconstruction techniques. The resulting all-terrain tabu search approaches are illustrated for various production problems: car sequencing, job scheduling, resource allocation, and inventory management.


Tabu search Car sequencing Job scheduling Resource allocation Inventory management 


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