Solving the P/Prec, pj,Cij/Cmax Using an Evolutionary Algorithm

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In this chapter, we tackle the problem of scheduling a set of related tasks on a set of identical processors taking into account the communication delays with the objective of minimizing the maximal completion time . This problem is well known as NP-Hard. As Particle swarm optimization PSO is a promising approach for solving NP-complete problems due to its simple implementation, fast convergence and its few parameters to adjust, the main contribution of this research is to use for the first time PSO to solve the multiprocessor scheduling problem with communication delays . The proposed approach HEA-LS is a hybrid algorithm involving particle swarm optimization PSO and local search algorithm LS. Experiments conducted on several benchmarks known in the literature prove the effectiveness of our approach and show that it compares very well to the state of the art methods.


Scheduling Communication delays Evolutionary algorithm Hybridizing Particle swarm Local search 



I would like to thank Mr. Aziz Moukrim professor at Université de Technologie de Compiegne UTC in France for his helpful remarks and suggestions to improve this work.


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