Coulomb-Blockade in Low-Dimensional Organic Conductors

  • Megumi Akai-KasayaEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Atom and Single Molecule Machines book series (AASMM)


In organic materials, peculiar nonlinearity to current voltage appears, thought a general and comprehensive explanation has not been achieved. Generally, organic conductors have disorder structures so charge transfers from one place with high conductivity to another place with high conductivity. Conductive segments in poorly conductive organic materials are expected to have a smaller electrical capacity, leading to a higher critical temperature for the blockade effect. In such occasions, Coulomb blockade of charge transport takes place in organic conductors. In this chapter, experimental evidence to prove Coulomb blockade taking place on two-dimensional organic conducting polymer films and its theoretical evidence through quantum calculations and the verification of conductivity models are described. The significance of the blockade effect, i.e., the difficulty of charge injection from one conducting segment into another should be stressed, since this has not hitherto been taken into account when considering the charge transport mechanism in organic materials. By considering both the charge blockade effect and the influence of structural disorder, it is hoped that a clear understanding of charge transport in organic materials can be achieved.


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