A Model of a Malware Infected Automated Guided Vehicle for Experimental Cyber-Physical Security

  • Richard FrenchEmail author
  • Viktoriya Degeler
  • Kevin Jones
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 16)


As part of a factory’s manufacturing cycle, materials need to move through a sequence of operations provided by work-cells, eventually culminating in the finished product. To facilitate this, the collection and delivery of materials around a factory environment is often provided by a fleet of Automated Guided Vehicles and results in increased reliability and reduced operating costs. However, if malware is able to get into the system via a deliberate cyber attack on the site or indeed by way of an infected portable data storage device and human error, then the AGV system is potentially at risk of disruption. As part of the exploration of this growing problem space new tools are needed to assist with developing counter strategies towards blocking such cyber-borne industrial sabotage. This article describes one such qualitative research tool we have developed as part of ongoing research into protecting industrial processes from cyber attack.


Cyber attack Malware Manufacturing Robotics 


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  • Viktoriya Degeler
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  • Kevin Jones
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