Interview with Marcelo Assunçao, Owner of the First FoodRoof

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Marcelo Assunçao is the owner of the first FoodRoof. He is living in the heart of Cantagalo. His house is next to the busy main road of the favela where many residents pass. He is also a member of the community group, which is involved in commenting, participating and collaborating in the PAC program. He owns the house of five storeys and lives there with his wife and children, and his parents. He exploits a bed and breakfast, and finds it therefore very important how his house is presented. He is also keen to increase the sustainable exposure of his property and the FoodRoof is a welcome addition to realising this ambition. In this chapter we have interviewed Marcelo about how he became involved in the project, what his experiences are before, during and after the FoodRoof was built, and how the FoodRoof is operated.


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