Estonia: Applying Foreign Law in Estonia – The Perspective of an e-State

  • Maarja TorgaEmail author
Part of the Ius Comparatum - Global Studies in Comparative Law book series (GSCL, volume 26)


Estonian courts do not often apply foreign law. However, it is to be expected that the introduction of the new Estonian e-residency program would bring along the rise in the cases involving foreign element. This development would lead to the Estonian judges needing to apply and establish the contents of foreign law more often. There are several tools, which the Estonian judges could use for that purpose, but these tools are unfortunately not perfect. Hopefully, the mechanisms of cooperation that could be taken on a European and international level in the future would enable Estonian judges to more efficiently establish the contents of foreign law. Ideally, such mechanisms should be in the form of an e-databases or online platforms enabling the judges to ask assistance from foreign judges or experts.


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