Surgical Correction of Astigmatism with Incisional Techniques: Tips and Tricks

  • R. Bruce WallaceIIIEmail author


Reducing corneal astigmatism is essential for successful refractive lens replacement procedures, commonly known as refractive cataract surgery (RCS), and limbal relaxing incisions (LRIs) are one of the friendliest and most cost-effective refractive procedures we can offer our patients. There’s no expensive laser and no central corneal or intraocular trauma, and perforations are rare in healthy corneas. So why is it that many cataract surgeons are not yet using LRIs? Some surgeons are not convinced that they are reliable. For many, the awkwardness of incisional corneal surgery along with an uncomfortable change in routine for surgeon and staff have placed LRIs in a negative light. Yet judging by the swell in attendance at LRI wet labs at the last few AAO and ASCRS meetings, LRI popularity continues to grow.


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