Flexible Control System Used in the Nano-technological Production Flow

  • Popan GheorgheEmail author
  • Angelescu Dorin
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The continuous development of new products has increased in pace, with multiple facilities, reduced life cycles of new products and requires automation and robotization of the Nano-technology production processes. However, due to the specificity of the field, the automation of the Nano-technology industry faces a serious challenge. Classic products are made in series and face little change over the years. In the field of Nano-technology, product life cycles were shortened significantly and series production must adapt to the market. The rapid change in production requires a high degree of flexibility. Manufacturing various models and the large number of products requires preparation of the Nano-fabrication to compensate efficiently for fluctuations of the production series. For the automation of Nano-fabrication to be easily and individually adapted to various operations (handling, testing, control, elimination of production flow of parts or defective products) and to be able to react quickly to changes occurring in Nano-technology production processes production must be of modular construction and must provide maximum flexibility in production. The control on the Nano-technology production processes developed by INCDMTM Bucharest offers solutions for the automation of the Nano-technology production processes having both modular special items of flexibilization of the process of handling and interoperable ones, along with the possibility of change facilitated by software that controls the entire process control and selection of parameters admissibility of each item checked. The device is provided with the possibility to ensure laser checking, optical checking via Video Inspection and Atomic Force Microscope. The process control is achieved in the flow, the power is robotic and it has the possibility to check both by sampling and total control.


Measurement system Calibrating nano-technology Nano-metrology Optical measuring system 


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