The Gulf of Gdańsk and Vistula Lagoon

  • Anna Szaniawska


The Gulf of Gdańsk is the south-eastern part of the Baltic Proper and makes up 1.3% of its area. The conventional boundary between the gulf and the Baltic Proper is an imaginary 58 nautical mile line between Cape Rozewie (54°50′N, 18°20′E) and Cape Taran (54°58′N, 19°69′E). Puck Bay is the westernmost part of the Gulf of Gdańsk, while the Vistula Lagoon stretches to the east of it, separated from the open sea by the Vistula Spit. The Gulf of Gdańsk has an area of 4990 km2 and an average depth of 59 m (Fig. 4.1).

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