General Introduction

  • Gulzhian I. Dzhardimalieva
  • Igor E. Uflyand
Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 257)


The polymeric metal chelates present class of chemical compounds including polymeric chain (organic, inorganic, mixed or biological nature) and metal chelate cycles. This direction of chemical science has appeared in the last decades of twentieth century at the junction of different fields of knowledge: coordination, polymer, physical, organic, colloid chemistry, biology, medicine and materials science. The need for accelerated development of this direction is confirmed by a rapid increase in the number of publications devoted to the study of polymeric metal chelates and their use as precursors of functional and nanoscale materials. Despite the variety of existing methods for synthesizing polymeric metal chelates, the main method still remains the direct interaction of metal compounds with chelating polymeric ligands. Therefore, the molecular design of chelating macroligands is an important, and in some cases, defining task both from the point of view of obtaining metal chelates with predetermined properties and structure, and their subsequent practical use. At the same time, in recent years a number of new methods have been developed for the preparation of polymeric metal chelates, primarily on the basis of metal chelate monomers, which allow one to obtain complexes in one stage with a targeted composition and structure. Progress in this field of chemistry is also associated with the emergence of new types of polymeric metal chelates, in particular, metal chelate dendrimers, star and hyperbranched polymers, as well as coordination polymers and supramolecular metal chelate polymers.


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