Introduction: Transdisciplinary Urbanism and Culture

  • Quazi Mahtab ZamanEmail author
  • Igea Troiani
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This book originates from the contemporary research approach and ideology centred on inter-disciplinarity to examine issues in urbanism and culture. The crux of that research lies at the heart of academic institutions, in particular the way in which various disciplinary discourses are available and the manner in which researchers are currently trying to address issues in urbanism and culture with inter-disciplinary research methods and approaches. This introductory chapter opens up different aspects and dynamics in urban research. It shows how established and early-career researchers are conceptualising and attempting to address various urban research strands, which were discussed at the 9th Annual AHRA (Architectural Humanities Research Association) Research Student Symposium.


Transdisciplinary Pedagogy Praxis Urbanism Culture AHRA 


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