Procedure for Designing Fractional-Order Filters

  • Georgia Tsirimokou
  • Costas Psychalinos
  • Ahmed Elwakil
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This chapter presents a systematic procedure for designing fractional-order transfer functions. Fractional-order differentiator, lossless and lossy integrator of order α, and fractional-order filters of any type (i.e., low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, band-stop) of order 1 + α, α + β, and n + α, where n is the integer-order and corresponds to values n ≥ 2, and α is the order of the fractional part (0 < α < 1), are realized by the same core, and therefore this is very important from the flexibility point of view. Functional block diagrams in case of using a voltage-mode or a current - mode technique are presented, while the second-order of CFE is utilized in order to approximate the variable s α .


Fractional-order differentiators Fractional-order integrators Fractional-order filters Continued Fraction Expansion 


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  • Costas Psychalinos
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  • Ahmed Elwakil
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