Sketching Design Skills

  • Jonathan C. Roberts
  • Christopher J. Headleand
  • Panagiotis D. Ritsos


Sketching is a powerful technique. Just the act of putting pen to paper, and working through many different design concepts helps you to work through the ideas in your mind. The sketches act as mini plans. They help you iron out some glitches before you spend time (and even waste time) to build the solution. It is an important part of the Five Design-Sheets (FdS) method. While sketching is a useful tool many users do, however, say that they cannot sketch. Sketching is a skill and as such can be improved through exercises. The sketched sheets in the FdS are used to help you plan, they are not meant to be works of art! This chapter presents sketching as a tool for design planning, explains the sketching method and what resources you will need and explores techniques to improve your skills of sketching for design.


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